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Active Rain & Mixpo! - A Dynamic Duo!

Active Rain provides us with a resource of powerful tools at our fingertips to promote our listings, our communities and ourselves.  We've got listing router, Actve Rain channels, outside blogs, widgets and Localism just to name a few. 

One of the hidden little gems is Mixpo where you can create, edit and upload video or still photos and embed or link these video ads in your Active Rain blogs, outside blogs and websites.  They can be customized and resized to fit your needs, syndicated to YouTube and submitted to the most popular search engines for that added SEO!

Where do you find this golden nugget? Sign up at or click on the Mixpo icon Mixpo Icon when you're in draft mode or when you are going to edit a post.

Mixpo Icon

I stumbled across Mixpo one day while I was writing a post and out of curiousity wondered what that little movie reel icon was in the editor.  I was very intrigued with all the features Mixpo offerd but since there is a monthly fee ($29.00 per month) I put off signing up to use it as I still fairly new to Active Rain and wanted to make sure my new found blogging endeavors were going to be long term. 

While I am no expert on utilizing Mixpo to its fullest capacity, I am having a lot of fun using what I have learned in creating video ads for my listings, video tours of the different communities in my market area, a luxury listing presentation and even some fun videos of my granddaughter.

As an example, this is a video I did of my newest East Haven CT Waterfront Condo listing.  I used digital photos that I took of the condo and the gorgeous water views. 

One of the great features I love about Mixpo is the ability to add an overlay of clickable text that you can link to your personal website or  in my case to a specific property website that I created for this listing.

East Haven CT Waterfront Condo - 2 Mansfield Grove Road

Mixpo Video Ad Roll





Mixpo contains a list of all of your videos that you can scroll through to view basic statistics.

If you check the box in the lower left hand corner you can view more detailed analytic stats on just one video or all of them if you check the Select All box in the top left hand corner.






On the Mixpo main page you can check out all the daily, weekly, monthly or all time statistics for your videos that is broken down into different components and shows you how many times the ad has been viewed, played through, location of viewers and referring websites

Mixpo Statistics

The following charts show the specific activity related to the video of my listing since it was created on April 10th.

Mixpo Video Ad Adtivity

Mixpo Playthrough & Engagement Profile

In this chart showing the viewer locations you can zoom in and click on each of the blue tabs to view the exact location of the viewer.  The little orange tab indicates the number of views and clicks from a specific location.

Mixpo Viewer Locations

The website activity statistics show not only the referring website but then details the specific number of visits and then breaks it down further to the number of visits from an actual url.  Can you imagine adding this to your listing presentation to showcase your marketing efforts to a seller on their home?

Mixpo Referrers

The Video Ad Publishing Options provides you with additional ways to customize, embed, rotate, syndicate and share your ads.

Mixpo Video Ad Publishing Options

Want some extra SEO? With Mixpo you can submit your video to the top search engines and syndicate it to YouTube.  There's also a direct link that you can email to your sphere or farm or include in a blog or website.

Mixpo Video Ad Syndication

This is what you video ad looks like when somone clicks on the direct link so the consumer not only gets information about the property itself but makes it easy to click through to your website or contact you directly.

Share ad by email

Am I sold on Mixpo?  You bet I am.  While there is a monthly cost to use it, I used to spend more than $29.00 a month to advertise just one listing.  Now I can advertise all of my listings and my community with professional looking videos and showcase my marketing efforts and increased internet presence.

Here are some additional tutoriasl Active Brad wrote with more details on how to get started and use the Mixpo Video Online Tools.

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ActiveRain & Mixpo! - A Dynamic Duo!
ActiveRain provides us with a resource of powerful tools at our fingertips to promote our listings, our communities and ourselves. We've got listing router, Actve Rain channels, outside blogs, widgets and Localism just to name a few. One of the… more